Custom Dance Floor

Portable dance floors are very popular and at the same time creates a distinct area that guests can gather to.

Dance floors are no longer a second thought of the planning process, it has taken center stage with new designs and technology. Known as a modular dance floor in the hospitality industry, its origin served two disciplines; professional dance and indoor sports. Known as a marley floor and a sprung floor, respectively, its function was to provide a temporary, pliable, and safe subflooring system.

Modular dance floors used for social events evolved from basket weave wood or parquet finish 1’ tile to white and black finishes. As long as dance floors served their purpose, no one really noticed them. In the past, function took precedence over form and dance floors are proving to be essential to an event’s décor portfolio.

Eventions Event Designs embraces the new and offers custom, seamless, and high-gloss dance floors in over 60 colors and patterns. We have the most popular choice in dance floor rental to include round dance floors and the traditional square and rectangular dance floors. Custom shapes and sizes are available. And listen up, branding is available! Eye-catching and dazzling personalized dance floor graphics such as the celebrant’s name, company logo, motif, or marry monogram can be added.

Portable dance floors are very popular and at the same time creates a distinct area that guests can gather. If you’re having an event or celebration, so many possibilities exist to make it easy to find an ideal dance floor for your event:

  • Animal Print Dance Floor
  • Black High Gloss Dance Floor
  • Checkered Dance Floor
  • Chrome Dance Floor
  • Florescent Dance Floor
  • Gold Dance Floor
  • Holographic Dance Floor
  • Metallic Dance Floor
  • Mirrored Dance Floor
  • Round Dance Floor
  • Silver Dance Floor
  • Sparkle Dance Floor
  • White Seamless Dance Floor

Everything we offer is customized and tailored to the client’s requirements. We are a one-stop- shop for your event needs where you can get lounge furniture, chiavari chairs, draping, lighting, table linen, and more. Our prices are highly competitive and our E-Team knows how to make your special event an Eventure with breathtaking custom dance floors.